Country Living

Day three of my Blog.  According to the website blogpulse as of this moment, the total of identified blogs on the internet is 164,582,502 with 66,884 new blogs in the last 24 hours.  That is a mind boggling blog fact! 

We took a walk this morning before it got too warm.  We do not live “in town” and are surrounded by fields and woodlands.  This sounds boring but there is always something going on.  When we got up this morning there was a mother deer with her fawn in the backyard eating apples from one of our three apple trees.  On our walk the donkey who lives down the street came trotting up to the fence to get his ears scratched.  We stopped to talk with George who was standing in his vegetable garden checking his potato plants for bugs.  George is in his 80s and he and his wife have been living on that little plot of land since they were married and she was born in that house. 

The big news amongst our far flung neighbors is about the young man who inherited a large farming business from his father a couple of years ago.  He got a couple truck loads of “free compost” from the local water treatment plant.  He dumped it by the barn next door and after recent rain storms the “compost” has been drawing flies and you cannot imagine how bad it smells because it is, after all, human waste.  It is also full of all kinds of heavy metals, asbestos, and stuff I don’t even want to think about.  He has been slowly drawing down the pile by taking it and spreading it on various fields throughout the county but in the meantime we have avoided sitting out on the patio when the wind is blowing from that direction.

The Farmer Boy, as the Book Seller calls him, ended up with a large farming operation the summer before his high school senior year when his father shot his mother and then himself.  We found out that his dad was manic depressive and his mom had just told him that she was leaving to live with her sister.  It was all very tragic and one of those things where you realize that you had just spoken with him the week before and who knew?  I guess people who were close to them knew but ten years on and we are still new comers here.  So, being an orphan and all, we tend to want to give him some slack but since he is over there working next to that stuff every day and now trying to disperse it, I suspect he won’t get that crap again.

The lesson, of course, is that free is not always better nor is doing it easy.

Before he died the Farmer Boy’s dad used to put cows in the field on the other side of our house in the winter months and in the summer he would grow tobacco.  I took a picture of him plowing the field one year.  Even though he has a tractor he did it the old fashioned way because he said it was better. 


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