The Bookseller

I have spent a couple of days thinking about this blog and realize that , as the Bookseller’s Wife, I should really be writing about the Bookseller, shouldn’t I?  After all, I have come to realize that he has a very unique relationship with his customers.  This was brought home to me yesterday by the arrival of a beautiful bouquet of flowers sent by a customer who recently bought a genealogy book.  It wasn’t even a very expensive book but it meant something to the recipient.  And, that is what books are all about.

We have customers all over the world and many of them have been buying books for years.  We have customers who call and if I answer they are polite but it is obvious that they don’t just want to order a book, they want to talk to the Bookseller. 

Without our customers we wouldn’t have a business but when you buy a book from the Bookseller you are buying a book from a real person.  No matter how many books you buy or how much money you spend we treat every customer the same and wrap every book with the same care.  I know the Bookseller is fortunate to have found something that he loves doing.  A lot of folks think it is because he is a big reader but I will tell you a secret, he rarely has time to read.  

Nope, it is the authors, the publishers, and the customers that he talks to or emails every day (even when we are on vacation) that makes Clayton the Bookseller that he is.

Admiring his flowers, the Bookseller takes a break


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