Working Weekend

The Bookseller worked very hard this weekend to catch up on orders.  He also added a collection of Civil War books that we are still trying to find space for on the shelves.   When we can we like to have books on display so that people can see their jackets but that gets difficult when we have so many books. 

People ask me all the time if we have a real book store and I have to laugh because yes, by all appearances this is a real book store!   Of course, you cannot just walk in off the street, you have to drive about six miles out of town and then come up the ramp onto the deck that we built that runs the length of the front of the barn.  Once inside most of our customers just stop and stare.  “Oh,” they exclaim as they take in all the book shelves and the long glass antique display case that is to their immediate left.   This is usually followed by a low sigh, especially from the husband, as he notices that sprinkled among the books are military prints, swords, helmets, pistols, medals, and an assortment of other miliaria collectables.

The Bookseller will give the customer a little tour, orienting them to where the different subjects are.  Most customers are a little overwhelmed and unable to take it all in.   A lot of times the wives will soon find themselves browsing through the titles and unable to

Book Barn

resist  buying something too.  I must admit, that makes me smile because you can tell that they never expected to find something for themselves in a military bookstore.  But, we also have a lot of antiquarian books, genealogical titles, first modern fiction, and history.

Our book store may be in the loft of an old tobacco barn but the Bookseller had the high slanted ceiling sheet rocked, put in three ceiling fans, and lots of little halogen track lights that are always burning out.  We have carpet, heating and cooling, a television, stereo, a mini-fridge, and a nice little leather sofa to relax on.  When it rains it is nice and cozy because you can hear the water on the tin roof. 

Downstairs is my domain, the book packing area.  We are very lucky to have a great delivery guys who leave everything on the counter for me.  Paul, the postman, even picks up all the packages every morning once I get them ready to mail.  This spring we added a new feature to the book packing area – a half bath!   This is indeed a luxury and I think we did a pretty nice job even adding a huge framed print of the Eiffel Tower and fancy silver fixtures.  The Bookseller doesn’t just add a bathroom, he also puts in a glass shelf, a framed mirror, scented candle, towels, little rug, and Kiwi scented soap! 

So, yes we do have a REAL BOOK STORE and it even has a REAL BATHROOM!

Display Case


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