Pours When it Rains

The Bookseller is always looking for projects.  With a 100 plus year old house they are not too hard to find.  As I mentioned in my prior post, we recently added a small bathroom to our book barn.  We are now in the process of adding a full bath to what we fondly call, The Little House.

The Little House was actually a chicken coop on the hill behind the barn and overlooking the house.  Although why you would want poultry living above the height of your roof line escapes me.  The former owners converted it into an art studio with a covered porch. 

Just past the book barn and up the hill to the Little House

 We added the all the stone that you see.  To the right of the Little House is a hot tub on a stone patio with table and chairs.  This is one of the Bookseller’s favorite spots!

The main of the Little House has some exercise equipment, a TV, and  a small couch.

There is a rather large separate room with windows that we used for storage and that is to be our newest bath room.  This is a project of tremendous proportions.   The Bookseller has the electric and the plumbing done.  We have put insulation in and put wall board up.  This weekend we were going to put the wall board up on the ceiling and then we had a torrential rain storm.

Don’t ask ME why the ceiling leaks.  The Bookseller has been up on the roof numerous times and even had some guys come out and replace all the nails with screws.  Hopefully, the roofing guy who has promised to come out on Sunday morning will know immediately what is wrong.  Or, we shall need to put a new roof on.  This is going to be one expensive bathroom!  Personally, I think we should chuck the exercise equipment and put in a pool table and a bar.

So, I am off the hook this weekend with putting up sheet rock on the ceiling of the Little House bathroom.  It is going to be hot so that means no yard work.  Guess we will just have to go shopping!

Bookseller Rests


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